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Goal Forward Holdings Limited (herein refer to as Goal Forward) builds its business on trust between our customers and ourselves.  

To preserve the confidentiality of all personal data provided by any relevant parties (such as customers, applicants) through writing, email, fax or any other means, we maintain the following privacy principles:
1. We only collect personal data that we believe to be relevant and required to understand the needs
    and to conduct our business.
2. We may use personal data to provide better customer services and products.
3. We may pass your personal data to other members of the Group or our respective agents, as permitted by law.
4. We will not disclose personal data to any external organisation unless we (i) have consent from the relevant
     party or (ii) are required by law or (iii) have previously informed the relevant party.
5. We may be required from time to time to disclose personal data to governmental or judicial bodies or agencies
     or our regulators, but we will only do so under proper authority.
6. We aim to keep any personal data on our records accurate and up-to-date if require to continue to
7. We do not collect any personal data for marketing use except for usual business communications through
     our website (www.cyfood.com.hk) unless otherwise consent by the relevant party.
8. We aim to maintain our employees records up to date in order to continue the Group’s routine work and will
     not use or disclose personal data for any unauthorize use. 
9. Any persons who may have provide personal data to the Group for recruiting purpose but by all means are
     not recruited by the Group, all personal data will be destroyed permanently within 6 months to its applications.